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  1. Yes but what about if he cont. reducing my hrs, when I apply for unemployment it will be Less already that what I used to get, ins't it better to just apply as soon as you have any lost of income even if is 1hr a day, so they known , how much they have to give you exactly if I eventually lost the job.
  2. Can you apply for unemployment if your have salary reduction, in my case 1hr a day. 5 hrs a week ? And how do you do that.No one answers a phone at the unemployment office. Thank you.
  3. My employer is reducing one hr. a day, I worked there for 7 yrs full time, hourly pay. I am concern this will not be the only cut, and he will be changing it ( hrs/ work) on a weekly basis, he is not lying off anybody, only reducing hrs. Is there any way I can apply for lost income, I am on payroll. Any advice.?
  4. I just passed panre. I did Rutgers and the Comprenhensive review for PA's. Use your common sense. I chose the Family practice test. Some questions were long, use your time wisely. Lots to pediatrics on my test.
  5. Fiorella


    I am very happy to know I passed Panre after being sure I did not. Hard test, very different from 6yrs ago. I originally signed up for Pilot, but change my mind right away because I didn't want to be in a " test mode for 2 yrs". I think it would have been more stressful for me to take a Test for two yrs. Good luck to all
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