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  1. Hi! I am trying to find out what the limit for pending pre-req is for Rutger's PA program I tried to email them and read over the faq page, but I could not find it:( Help would be appreciated
  2. Hi! I am trying to enter my courses into CASPA I took Korean language class with a course name of KORE 309 but CASPA does not have a subject that corresponds to this. I see that it has a subject selection for other language classes such as French or Spanish What should I do?
  3. If you have, did you put UC san diego under colleges attended for CASPA? and also, how long does it take to get a transcript after you finish a course??
  4. Hi! I am currently an undergraduate student planning to graduate after Fall 2021. I plan on taking a year and a half gap year to just recharge myself and focus on improving my stats. The question is... I am currently working as a non-certified MA in a private office. I have been working for about 4 months and hours have been building up quite a lot. But my duties include office work such as answering patient calls with concerns, scheduling, dealing with medical record etc, as well as taking vitals, performing EKG, audiometry, spirometry and giving patients vitamin/flu shots. So what I'm w
  5. Thanks! I actually took stat already but the school is requiring stat and one more math course
  6. tSome schools that I am interested in require a math course. I use my AP from high school to satisfy the math requirement for my degree so I would have to take one. Their requirement says "College algebra or higher: Courses covering foundation of algebra intro to calc or higher The problem is, I don't know which course to take. Should I take pre-calc or something else? Any recommendations? Thank you!
  7. I have the opportunity to work as a dental assistant, but wondering if it counts as pce? Any thought or schools that do or do not accept them would be great thanks!!
  8. I am trying to start building up my PCE hours. I took a CNA class over a year ago and worked about two months with it. Also, im moving to a different state, and since my cna class was over a year ago, they will not let me test for GNA or test in the different state. I would have to go through the CNA class again. I do not have to time or the money to this. im trying to find another option for pce since i need to start asap. what are some of my options? and is phlebotomy and medical assistant a national certification or state certification like CNA? any
  9. I have a couple of w's right now and i am a junior in college. I am considering to drop two more course for this semester due to personal problem. I worried that schools might not like or think bad about having so many W on a trascript. anyone have experience with this? Thanks!
  10. what are some schools that dont require intro bio/intro chem classes, and just upper level sciences such as micro, biochem or genetics as their pre req??
  11. Hi! I was wondering about the retake system. I know that if I were to retake the same course, the GPA would be averaged out, but when I put my application through does the school look at the higher grade to count towards the pre req grade minimum? so I received a B- in A&P 2 but the school i am interested in requires B or higher. I am planning to retake this course at a different school, like a community college after I graduate my 4-year college. Say that I received an A in that course, When I apply for this school, does the school use the B- or the A to satisfy the course, or d
  12. Hey! I am considering going abroad for the summer term next year. It will be a 6-weeks program and the classes will be completed in English with English textbooks. Im thinking about taking classes such as genetics and intro psych, do you think PA schools will be okay with that? Thanks
  13. Hello! I am planning to take pre reqs at a community college during the summer and winter breaks, and usually I would transfer the credits back to my home university but since i do not need those credits for my graduation, is there a need to transfer it to my home university? Is it okay to provide several transcripts later when i apply? Also, do you recommend onine courses or in person classes? Thank you!
  14. Hi! I wanted to know if it would be better to take the pre reqs that i wasnt able to take during college after graduation at a community college, or do you recommend taking them during college years at community college during summer/winter break? Also, i have received couple of C for some science courses, do you recommend retaking them at the university or a community college? Thanks
  15. i am currently a sophomore in public health science major. i saw that caspa takes kinesiology as a science credit and count towards sGPA. My science gpa i barely holding one, so i was wondering if switching to kinesiology major would be better or just stick with public health major. If i stick with public health, I will be taking my pre req science courses at a community college since my school has a weird system that i cannot take here
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