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  1. Great point. Thank you for your reply. I have also heard great things about Dubuque, though I am leaning towards UNMC currently due to convenience. Though it is distance learning (virtually about 50% of the time and in person the other half.), I would be closer to the family and I would not remove my girlfriend from her job. Plus being about 30,000 cheaper also plays a factor!
  2. This is correct, sorry for the confusion as this isn't an online program, but a distance-learning mic/video program at a UNMC facility. Thank you for your helpful response! I guess a big concern of mine is the amount of in person interaction that will be given. I know you said that about 50% of the lectures are in person, but i don't know if this is the case for UNMC as they did not address it in the interview... I am kinda old school so something like this makes me a bit nervous as I am kinda a face to face kind of person. Maybe it will just take getting used to.
  3. Hello everybody! I recently found myself in a predicament that probably is not a bad one to be in, but a big choice nonetheless. Let me start off by saying that I am so grateful for the opportunities that have been provided to me and I don't want to sound unthankful to the schools that have accepted me. Anyway, on to the issue. I recently got accepted into both Dubuque University in Iowa (New program but looks very welcoming and enjoyable) and UNMC-Kearney (Distance-Learning but 25,000 cheaper). I now have about a week to make my decision as to which to attend. Does anybody have any experience with either of these programs? Was that experience positive or negative? Also, would you choose a distance learning program over a non-distance if it was cheaper and more convenient (Would not have to move far compared to a 8 hour move to Dubuque). Any insight is appreciated! Thank You!
  4. Hello everybody! I recently received word that I was accepted into this PA program! I am super excited though I do have some concerns. I got accepted to the Kearney campus. I love Kearney, but I am apprehensive about the whole distance learning thing. Have any of you gone through it or know anyone that has? Is this a major factor in the quality of education that is received? Would you prefer a non-distance learning program if available (Got accepted here and Dubuque which is not a distance learning). Any thoughts?
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