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  1. Good luck guys! I’ll be there Jan 11th!
  2. Has anyone who was accepted originally on the waitlist?
  3. I will be interviewing 10/31! They received my app on 8/26.
  4. I got an email at 7:19pm that I’ve been waitlisted. Anyone else? Does that mean that anyone who was not the 30 students called was automatically waitlisted? Congrats to those accepted!
  5. I’m pretty sure it’s this Tuesday and Wednesday because they said that’s what they’re going to do to celebrate PA week. Maybe they’re just running behind schedule and will make the phone calls soon
  6. Anyone want to call the program and ask when they’re going to make the calls? I’m too nervous to haha
  7. I think she said they call the 30 accepted students
  8. Haha right. Imagine getting a call at midnight? Wished they called now though instead of tomorrow. This waiting game is making me nervous
  9. I'm curious too. Was also waitlisted for an interview, but wondering if the school at this point only either offered interviews or wait list to interview. Has anyone here not heard back yet or received a rejection?
  10. Nothing. Anyone know if they are still sending out interviews or is the 27th/28th pretty much the last group?
  11. Sure! Day started with a powerpoint presentation/lunch introducing us to the program. Activities that followed were two 10 minute interviews, group interview which was more like an activity where we would discuss certain scenarios, writing section, and tour. I know this is easier said than done, but be yourself and try not to be nervous. When I went last year, it was my first interview ever and my nervousness showed. Interviews seemed lax and faculty and students were nice.
  12. Sure! Good luck! Tip: Be yourself and DON'T be nervous. When I interviewed last year, it was my first interview ever and my nervousness showed. sGPA: 3.92 cGPA: 3.82 Patient care hours at time of submission: 3012 Healthcare/volunteer hours at time of submission: 916 Shadowing hours: 25
  13. Hey, just wondering, has anyone received a rejection or hasn’t heard anything at all after interviewing? Or is it just an acceptance or wait list type of thing? Was wondering what my chances of being accepted off the wait list was
  14. Will be interviewing 10/5! I also interviewed with them last year. Excited.
  15. I will be at the 11:30am interview group on 10/6. Anyone else and where is everyone from?
  16. Hey I feel ya! I was also waitlisted from the 9/6 interview morning session. I really like this program too and have my fingers crossed for both of us. Do you think that there's seats left and maybe they waitlisted people to determine further who to accept later on? I hope/feel that there's still seats left because I feel that this page would be flooded with multiple acceptance posts otherwise. Maybe they waitlisted people because they're planning to send out more interview invites? Good luck!
  17. Hey I was wondering if anyone has a feel of how many seats are remaining. I’ll be interviewing on 10/18 and may want to choose a later date, but not sure yet in case seats fill up quickly. Anyone else from out of state? Excited to meet you all to those interviewing 10/18!
  18. Also received a 10/6 interview! Looking forward to meeting you all!
  19. The waiting process kills, but try not to worry! Schools can choose to invite applicants anytime from when they submit their application until their interview process end date. Good luck!
  20. I decided to apply and was verified today. I hope it's not too late. Do you guys think I should have bothered? I know they've only had two rounds of interviews it looks like, so hopefully they will consider my application. Good luck to those who have interviewed as well as those waiting!
  21. Hi! Also interviewing 9/6. From Dedham, MA which is a 2.5 hour drive but I think I'll get a hotel. I'm not sure if morning traffic will be bad. I'm conflicted on what to do
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