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  1. Also feeling out of the loop! My request to join is pending. Most likely, the program is deciding what will be the best once it gets closer to the date. On the Pace general website it says that the summer I semester will have online classes, but that summer II (which includes the PA program) plans to continue in person classes, but to stay tuned for updates. https://myemail.constantcontact.com/Coronavirus-Update--Spring-Semester--Commencement--and-More.html?soid=1103481471610&aid=UBum98S-Y2c Ideally around this time I would ask if anyone is looking for roommates, but given the situation, I'm not sure how and when to make living arrangements. What are other out of state students doing currently in terms of looking for apartments, etc.? Stay safe everyone!
  2. I just received an acceptance email today. Wishing you the best of luck! I'm excited to meet my future classmates. Anyone else here accepted from the January interview?
  3. Has anyone else gotten a missed call from the school? They didn’t leave a voicemail or email
  4. They're still sending out interviews. There's one 1/13. Pleasantly surprised because I didn't realize they were still interviewing. Does anyone have a feel on how full the class is?
  5. Don’t lose hope! Were you informed this by email or portal or from calling them?
  6. Good luck guys! I’ll be there Jan 11th!
  7. I will be interviewing 10/31! They received my app on 8/26.
  8. I got an email at 7:19pm that I’ve been waitlisted. Anyone else? Does that mean that anyone who was not the 30 students called was automatically waitlisted? Congrats to those accepted!
  9. I’m pretty sure it’s this Tuesday and Wednesday because they said that’s what they’re going to do to celebrate PA week. Maybe they’re just running behind schedule and will make the phone calls soon
  10. Anyone want to call the program and ask when they’re going to make the calls? I’m too nervous to haha
  11. I think she said they call the 30 accepted students
  12. Haha right. Imagine getting a call at midnight? Wished they called now though instead of tomorrow. This waiting game is making me nervous
  13. I'm curious too. Was also waitlisted for an interview, but wondering if the school at this point only either offered interviews or wait list to interview. Has anyone here not heard back yet or received a rejection?
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