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  1. I don't know how known these books are among the community but I personally found them to be pretty helpful in learning about the origins and core aspects of the profession. If anyone feels rather lost or just wants to know more about the profession I definitely recommend: - Physician Assistants: Policy and Practice Book by David P. Asprey, James F. Cawley, and Roderick S. Hooker (preferably the 4th edition since it has up to date data) - How to Ace the Physician Assistant School Interview by Andrew Rodican I haven't read but I did hear great things about Before the Calm by Jo
  2. I originally found this on reddit.com/r/physicianassistant
  3. Hello all. On May 2nd I emailed one of the board members from my state PA organization regarding some questions I have about HB 821. To which they replied saying that they copied the other board members and they will answer my questions, however I still didn't receive any responses. I'm planning on waiting another two days to make it a week before inquiring with them again but I was wondering how can I go about doing that without being annoying.
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