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  1. Sad to say but I’m turning down my seat today. Got accepted into a program close to home. Good luck to whoever gets my spot!!
  2. Got accepted to the program around 6! So excited cause it’s so close to home!
  3. I hope that’s a good sign. Someone posted about that same email earlier and received a call two days later. Hopefully that means we’re near the top of the list.
  4. Anyone apply to the Dual MPH program and hear back yet?
  5. Me too!! I’m so excited for the opportunity! You going to the informal the night before?
  6. Keep your head up! All you need is one school! I believe this program puts an emphasis on the CASPer. How confident did you feel after it?
  7. I know someone asked this earlier but did not get an answer... What is to be expected of the academic interviews? And how long after the interviews were you notified of either acceptance or waitlist?
  8. They’re still conducting interviews. I believe they have a certain percentage of seats for each section of time throughout the interview process. Unsure about the GPA stuff though.
  9. Not sure why they said they would update us on the application status 2 weeks after submission when their process takes much longer.
  10. Anyone else get an email today? Pretty much verifying apps were under review?
  11. For those who had interviews... How long after you submitted your supplemental did you have to wait before receiving an invite?
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