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  1. Ageism is very real and existent in the job market. It's all about power and control from the hiring powers. Younger folks tend to put up with more crap. I left my previous job after 10 years due to burn out, over use and politics. I traveled for 9 months after which I returned to the job market Jan 2020. The NP/PA that interviewed me were mostly younger/ early career. I know that they saw me as "too experienced". I also learnt that companies use that word "diversity" but it doesn't actually exist. Folks tend to gravitate to folks that are similar to them. i.e a 30 year old boss would rather hire a 25-35 year old as opposed to mid 40-50's. Based on my resume I went on lots of interviews but no offers. That was when I knew the only thing at play was ageism. I see a lot of older nurses and don't know if it same in their turf. It was interesting to find out that employment gaps are frowned at. Which I believe is absurd. Is one not allowed to take a sabbatical? Does one have to work all the time. I took a break to travel for 9 months was an issue. How do women who take time out from work to raise their kids return back to the work force? Or folks that are out for medical issues return to the work force? It's a real thing and it sucks. It made me question myself. Finally landed a night gig - nobody wants to work nights. Try the VA- I think they appreciate seasoned folks. Pay will likely be on the lower end. Unfortunately the PA world is now who you know and not what you know. I became a PA because it was a opportunity was merit based. Now jobs are scarce and connections are how you get positions. Best of luck and keep your chin up.
  2. Yikes!! very scary. You are technically an internal candidate but "your PA professional title" automatically disqualifies you even though you may be the best candidate. How do we redefine our profession? How do we highlight our clinical strengths? I know folks won't want to hear this but incorporating residency into our training programs.( yes program will be longer) PA students are graduating with a ton of death. Inability to land a job can be devastating. Many PA's argue against mandating residency but joblessness is worse in the big scheme of things. Some say you lose the flexibility to move specialties but in this horrible job market, ability to move specialty may be becoming a thing of the past. Why not just go to medical school if residency is added to PA program? Sure that will be an individual choice. ( I advise everyone to bite the bullet and go to med school....time, loans....you can argue ) Break up residency into General surgery. Internal medicine. Pediatrics. Critical care. Emergency. OBGyn. NP's have taken over the turf completely. I have worked in several health systems and admin is dominated by nursing. Will be hard for PA to make a mark in the admin world. I believe by highlighting our clinical strength, we may secure our place back in clinical medicine. We need to be very strategic regarding how we make our profession relevant again.
  3. Thanks. Great blog!. What is your opinion about the program thus far?
  4. Has any one completed LMU program clinical med path ? Looks like there is clinical med path or Medical education path. Lot's of MD on faculty, wondering if that implies stronger clinical curriculum. My co-worker is attending Butler and not recommending it. he says faculty is hit or miss, weekly quiz, EBM paper to critique. I am looking for a program with strong clinical med. Maybe it doesn't exist ha!
  5. Hello all, Has anyone attended provider practice essentials skills workshop? ppemedical.com it is a 2 day skills workshop for PA, NP another one I came across is npinstitute.com - has tons of procedural workshops for MD's, PA, NP's. I'd appreciate it if anyone has attended either workshop and found it useful. Both are expensive. thanks PAfam!!!
  6. As a PA with over 16 years experience in ICU and surgery who recently got burnt out. Quit my job in summer after 8 years of working for a group. My advice is stay where you are 3K is not going to make or break you. Your current job seems more flexible- you cannot place a price on flexibility. You have established relationship with your current employer and everything in life is about relationships. Jumping the ship you will have to form new ones - which is not a bad thing but then you start from the bottom of the pole which is not always easy. I have a recent job offer for 118K 7on/7off with a pretty large institution in Durham NC. I used to make 150K but my job was incredibly stressful and painful- I lasted 8 years because I felt I had no option. I knew it was time to leave when I started to get short with my loved ones. The salary offer I have is painful but will take the job as I have been out of work for a minute and need to replenish my savings. Remember the grass is not always greener on the other side. My 2 cents.
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