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  1. Good luck everyone today. Wishing good emails to everyone !
  2. Honestly I would just be yourself. I know that’s so cliche but they really want to get to know you. We aren’t allowed to say a whole lot but the group is just interacting with peers which was my favorite part so be friendly. Then the panel was just them getting to know you, so know yourself! Being on zoom didn’t seem to ruin anything. Only hard part is your have less time to show them who you are so try to use your personality in the stories or examples you tell the faculty is great! Try and relax!
  3. They take an integrative approach by having PA students take courses with their other health programs like Chinese medicine, chiropractic, and acupuncture. They believe that by learning relevant information like anatomy together with other fields, you gain different perspectives and learn off each other. Its a great program and everyone is very nice!
  4. Little late to this chat but I attended their campus preview day where they told me they did accept scribing.
  5. YAY congrats! I got placed in the candidate pool 2 weeks ago too so maybe we will be classmates! I just want it to be September already lol. The waiting is killing me! We are in this together now.
  6. I received an interview invite after I passed initial screening so I am guessing it’s one or the other. Good luck!
  7. Just got an email that I am moved into the qualified candidate pool until interviews are over. Wish it was an acceptance but hopefully it will be in September! Now just got to wait so so so excited. I LOVE this program and hope to get in!
  8. The panel was more typical PA questions or my experience was at least. They truly aren't trying to trick you but just get to know you and your personality. They made jokes and made me feel super comfortable so just be yourself! The group interview was a lot of group based work to see how we work together. It was my favorite part honestly and it was the part I was worried about the most. Honestly I love this program more after the interview! just have fun with it
  9. Thank you! Good luck to you too! Let me know if you need any support or have any more questions feel free to DM me!
  10. The interview process for UOP is usually an all day event. Normally they have a group interview part and a panel interview. Due to COVID, most of California is quarantined so UOP decided to do interviews over zoom. Im guessing they are going to do all interviews over zoom to be fair but to do this they had one zoom interview as the group that lasted 2 hours and one zoom interview for panel interview. The panel interview was spread out across the day until the third zoom interview for Q&A with current students. I just happened to have back to back group interview and panel which is why mine were over so fast!
  11. Just finished both my interviews and wanted to let everyone know that they do an awesome job at making everyone feel comfortable. I wouldn't stress too much
  12. Good luck everyone that is interviewing today! I will see ya in the group interview in 2 hours!
  13. Good advice! They did mention meeting to go through interviewed people on Friday of last week so I was hoping we'd hear back today! Gotta stay patient I suppose lol.
  14. I was just thinking that myself. Wondering if tomorrow is the day instead of today considering it is already 4:15 there
  15. Yay! congrats! I think I've refreshed my email and looked at my phone over 100 times already lol
  16. They are going through applications daily I am sure, don't worry! The waiting is the worst part.
  17. They are going through screenings everyday. There isn't much anyone will be able to tell you from my understanding. They will email you when you do or if you do not pass through.
  18. Anyone else on here interviewing on 6/17? Apparently they only interview around 10 people a day so figured I'd ask so I can introduce myself and we'd each have a friend in the group interview!
  19. My interview said earliest 2 weeks but probably around 3 weeks
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