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  1. Just got a call from UOP saying that the interviews are no longer in person. They are going to make their interviews over zoom due to COVID. Just incase anyone was wondering!
  2. Does anyone know anything about the academic interview? I am not exactly sure how to prep for this half of the interview. Thanks!
  3. Keep your head up and never give up! You will get to where you suppose to be!
  4. Thank you! that's certainly what I was going for!
  5. Thank you haha! message me if there is anything I can help you with
  6. Thank you! Sometimes this forum gets intimidating. Its hard not to compare ourselves to others but we got to remember that we are all special and have unique things to offer! Good luck
  7. They are still doing in person interviews but you have to fill out a questionnaire about any symptoms you have and if you have been around COVID patients. They also stated that they are going to do precautions like hand sanitizer, mask on interviewers, and fever check.
  8. Ya of course! I have a 3.7 overall GPA with a 3.6 science; degree in cellular and molecular biology so I've taken all the courses in chemistry, biochemistry, and lots of upper division biology Around 3000 hours of PCE as a medical scribe in the Central Valley and became chief scribe as well (they like leadership; UOP also takes preference to Central Valley candidates) I have around 1200 hours of volunteering with around 200 hours of shadowing PA and 200 hours shadowing MD. I also have around 300 hours of research. I submitted my application on 5/12, was verified 5/13, and passed UOP initial screening 5/20.
  9. I got an interview this morning!!! SO SO SO excited. Wishing the best for everyone else!
  10. They only gave me 3 days to pick from in a week so not a whole lot of flexibility but the interviews are suppose to only be 30 minutes each.
  11. Mine is June 1st and June 3rd. They have one personal and one academic interview done over zoom.
  12. Awesome! Thank you this helps. Has anyone received an interview yet? I’m going crazy refreshing my email lol
  13. I’m a first time applicant as well but it’s my understanding that after you pass the initial screening you’ll receive an email if you get an interview and move on or get rejected.
  14. I submitted my application 5/13, verified 5/14, and Yale got my application 5/14. I received my interview invite 5/18.
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