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  1. Hey PA world I am attempting to connect with others who failed the PANCE! After failing, it is SO hard to get your confidence back. Anyone have any recommendations for a test bank that is the MOST similar to PANCE questions? I did over 3000+ exam master questions prior to failing for my second time and passed with 70% in all categories. It def did not prepare me for the PANCE. Also, considering doing Kaplan or CME4life. any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU! p.s. if you've also failed and want to share strategies, feel free to email me!!! hope.ellen26@gmail.com
  2. @MT2PA thanks for the tip! Will look into ROSH!
  3. @pa7878787 thanks so much for this idea! Sending them emails now! Agree with the "buzzwords" thing too. Didn't feel like there were many buzzwords on the actual exam. thanks again!
  4. Hello, I did not pass PANCE on my first try. I have 2 months until my next exam and want to know if I should try ROSH or HIPPO for my next attempt or both?
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