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  1. She was personally out of the office for most of the week, but I did get ahold of her over the phone yesterday. I guess it was like I assumed and they are waiting for the Fresno campus to get finished up before they start calling on the waitlist. She said with the number of calls and emails she’s been getting that she is thinking about sending out a Fresno campus update to help call all of our nerves.
  2. They were on break according to the online calendar so I was going to give them until this afternoon Before calling in. I don’t understand the lack of the updates in comparison to the last couple years on this forum. Hoping they’re just moving slow because of opening Fresno
  3. Has anyone from the waitlist heard anything yet? Or if you someone received an offer of admission what was your deadline to respond by? Just curious if we’re going to get called before the May update
  4. I called twice today, no answer either time from the contact and extension number they supplied us in prior emails to reach Ms Green
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