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  1. I am very happy to see this post! I have recently decided to apply to a PA program, and my dream is to be able to work as a PA in an inpatient facility. I have worked in the pharmacy field for many years, and have a special interest in how the combinations of these meds can really change someone's life. It is nice to see some of the opportunities available in this field.
  2. My name is Gayle Morgan. I am completing my final courses for a Biomedical Science degree and the remaining prerequisites for my PA program application. I am looking to shadow a PA locally, preferably in the mental health field. I am passionate about helping others through their most difficult times. I have ten years of experience as a pharmacy technician, and am HIPAA certified. I have varying levels of experience in clinical and lab settings, including documenting assaults for a crime scene unit. I am very serious about my decision to pursue this as a career. If you are willing to
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