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  1. When I interviewed I asked and I believe it is business casual!
  2. Is anyone looking for a roommate? I’ve been looking into apartments at the grove and they have 2-3 bedroom options.
  3. I have decided to attend USA!! Can’t wait to meet everyone.
  4. Hello! Received my acceptance call Friday, but I have also been accepted to another program. Does anyone know the start date for this program?
  5. St. Matthews- safe, young people attracted to this area, social area, 15-20 mins from Sullivan, close to parks Highlands- safe, social area, 5-10 mins from Sullivan, close to parks Fern Creek- family area, not much going on, safe, 10-15 mins from Sullivan PRP/dixie highway- avoid Downtown- avoid Germantown- cute area, but I would be careful. some parts are safer than others. The closer to eastern parkway/poplar level you are the, safer the area. 10-15 mins from Sullivan Okalona- fairly safe, not much of a social aspect, 20 mins from Sullivan Crestwood/Brownsboro- safe, family area, probably more expensive
  6. I am from Louisville so if you guys have any questions feel free to ask:)
  7. I haven't heard back yet. I recieved a confirmation email for my deposit but that's it. I think on last years forum people didn't hear back from Sullivan for a month or so.
  8. Hello! Excited to meet everyone in this class! Who else has accepted their offer at Sullivan University?!
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