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  1. I'll PM you. My personal opinion, though, is that I think the stats are most important pre interview. Once you get offered an interview, the school already has an interest in you. You just have to be sure that your personal answers are specific enough that they really only apply to you, and charismatic enough to have a good flow with whoever's interviewing you. For future cycles who come across this thread, you should really know what exactly the role of a PA is in this state, why you want to be a PA vs a different profession, the history of the PA profession, and be able to elaborate on any part of your application (courses, GPA, volunteering, etc.) Show an interest in the school and ask questions about their program! Good luck
  2. I got accepted!! I’m so excited! Good luck to everyone still waiting !
  3. Congratulations!! I got an acceptance today, too!
  4. Nothing yet (I interviewed last week.) when did you interview?
  5. Thats not for York; it’s for CCNY! I got that email too. I’m pretty sure they finalized the class already. I don’t think they’ll be anymore interviews.
  6. Thanks!! Would any accepted students mind sharing their stats?
  7. Could you share how your interview went? Congrats on your acceptance !
  8. Wow, thank you so much for sharing! That does seem really intense... I have an interview with them coming up and this was super helpful. I wish you all the best on your journey to becoming a PA!
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