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  1. Anyone in the alternate list? Is anyone sending like a update letter, saying you have more hours etc? Or is that like annoying the program or that's unnecessary?
  2. For those interviewing this weekend 09/11, do you have any information about the writing prompt and when that will be? I just want to know if it's timed etc. and what time so I can block it out.
  3. Hi there! I’m Christine, and have an interview this week. Would love to connect with a current student to talk about the program! Thank you!
  4. Also got placed on the alternate list today as well! Interviewed Jul 27/28. Good luck to everyone, you got this! For those who've been on the alternate list from earlier, have you heard back/got off? Did you do anything different like send them an updated letter on what you've been doing etc?
  5. Hi Everyone! I’m Christine and I’m interviewing at GW in 2 weeks, would love to speak to first years, second years or alumni from GW to learn more about it. Please reach out I’d love to have a chat! Thank you! Christine
  6. Hey- Same, I payed for the supplemental and received an automated confirmation that I payed and then my application has says complete since 6/25, but I haven't received an actual confirmation from the school saying that they've received my app/under consideration? For those that got interviews can you confirm this?
  7. Hi everyone! I'm applying this cycle and have an interview in 2 weeks with RFU, would love to chat with any current students to hear your experiences. THANKS, Christine
  8. Anyone just attended the Q&A for those interviewing tomorrow? I totally thought it was tomorrow and I missed it! - was there any tips shared ?! TIA
  9. Yeah, mine still says official transcripts is missing, but I got a call from NSU saying they got everything needed and is under review. Per the website, I remember it saying only if you are accepted you need to send official transcripts to them, so I'm not worrying about it.
  10. Yes! I think it took at least 2 weeks, they will give you a call saying they've received everything and that your app is ready for review!
  11. When you confirmed your attendance with a photo, did they send another confirmation email?
  12. So my understanding is that the interviews are held on both days and we don't choose one right? were they normal interview style or MMI? and were the same on both days? TIA
  13. I got the confirmation email - saying they've received my supplemental app and the supplemental fee back in Jun 6, but haven't gotten a "complete app confirmation" email yet...
  14. I got a call confirming they have everything they need for my application and is proceeding to being reviewed last week!
  15. I've submitted mine 9 days ago, and it still hasn't linked up. I have called them and they said it should link up and not to worry. I asked if I had to send my transcripts and she said they will get everything from CASPA, I also emailed as well just because it said to send transcripts directly to them, but the lady said all transcripts to be sent to CASPA. So, my guessing like before it just takes a very long time for their system to link up with CASPA.
  16. Anyone who is currently attending would like to talk with me? I just want to get to know more about Cornell's PA program, in midst of completing my supplemental
  17. Same, I just want to know how many words those lines consist of.
  18. Same, I emailed them and they said: "All official transcripts get sent to CASPA" So I just left it. I submitted my supplemental 6/21 and I looked at the checklist and nothing was "Received" yet, only the fee. I already submitted my CASPA application 2 weeks ago and it said "Not received" so I believe they just have a delay in updating the system. I'm going to give them a few more days, and will call them if there's no change.
  19. I submitted and verified last week, so my understanding is that we need to wait on the supplemental they will send us? because I can't find it online
  20. Received confirmation email saying that my CASPA has been verified yesterday but my supplemental needs to be done. Submitted supplemental today.
  21. Got email today that they've received my CASPA and Supplemental and my application is currently under review. Good luck everyone!
  22. I submitted on May 25th, verified May 26th. Haven't gotten a confirmation email or anything.. Did anyone else receive one? First time applicant!
  23. Same! I was verified 2 days ago, but no confirmation email either!
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