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  1. Unfortunately the schedule is highly variable. This is due to the fact that most classes are taught by visiting physicians and PAs who have complex work schedules. They give you a schedule at the beginning of each semester, but every day is highly variable (you don't have steady times MWF and TTh like undergrad) and anything more than a couple weeks out is subject to some slight changes. For instance this week we have Tuesday and Friday off, next we have classes from 9-3:30 M, 8-5 T, 11-2 W, etc. Each week and day is different.
  2. I did. It was just a general exam of medical and foundational science knowledge, nothing terrible. I don't think there's any way to study for it. Our professors have talked quite a bit about the admission process throughout our first couple semesters, but that exam remains a mystery! Rumor mill is that it just helps organize the groups they put us in, but I don't put much stock in when my classmates say, "well Doris said this when I was talking to her..." Haha.
  3. The MMI situations are really similar to the CASPER situations. You'll have a little prompt, a couple mins to prepare, and then go into it. One might be dealing with an angry patient, another an unethical coworker, etc. Read their mission statement and vision, they are really passionate about that and likely will have an MMI about treating an underserved population or some other aspect of their vision that they just want you to discuss. Honestly the sit down interviews were really easy last year, and the MMIs a bit stressful.
  4. Also all of this info is on their website. If you go to upap's site, drop down for admission, then download the pdf for demographics. It gives all the stats for my class (interviews, acceptance rate, demographic breakdowns, average GPA, previous work experience, etc). Last year they had two interview dates in both St George and Salt Lake. A bit over 160 total if I remember correctly.
  5. Currently in class 50. Last year I received my interview invitation on October 10th by email.
  6. I did. Just a quick email saying my alternate had moved from #7 to 1. Doris is really responsive and kind if you shoot her an email.
  7. They came out today! Looks like there was six alternate list offers so far.
  8. On wait-list for SLC. Praying that I get in!
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