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  1. Hi everyone, Just wondering if I should wait to apply next cycle based on my stats. I do not want to waste a ton of money if it does not look like I would get any interviews. Just wanted some opinions from others! Graduated in May 2019 with a Bachelor's in Psychology/Neuroscience cGPA: 3.59 sGPA: 3.5 PCE = 2,300 hours 500 hours as a Nurse's Assistant at a hospital on a general med-surg unit (vitals, assisting with daily living needs) 960 hours as a Pediatric Medical Assistant (vitals, strep tests, flu swabs, urine tests, pulmonary function testing) 840 hours as a Orthopedic Medical Assistant (casting, splinting, assisting with injections) HCE= 700 hours as a Licensed Pharmacist Technician Shadowing= 40 hours with Orthopedic PA LOR Pharmacy manager PA Orthopedic Surgeon Pediatric Doctor Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
  2. I dont know what happened to my original post (I was as well and pretty much everyone at my interview that I spoke to was in the same situation. I am a little disappointed given it seems like they just wanted the extra fee to switch our application over. I'd feel better about my waitlist status if I saw just one rejection throughout this whole entire thread but seems like everyone is just waitlisted giving us false hope) you can see someone replied to it earlier. But that is exactly the reason why it feels so odd to me.
  3. Quick question, how many of you were offered the 2/13 interview at Worcester after being waitlisted for an interview at the Boston campus?
  4. waitlisted 2/13 interview. Seems like they just waitlistt everybody
  5. For those of you who received an interview and were not able to obtain a time/day, do you mind sharing what your portal says now while you are waiting for more days to open?
  6. Congratulations to all who have received an interview, one step closer! Do any of you mind sharing your stats/ time of submission?
  7. I applied 9/5 verified 9/9 and today I got an email from MCPHS with portal access around 7am saying my application has been submitted then another email around 10am saying my application is under review. Has anyone heard anything further than this step?
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