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  1. The update on program accreditation status says that FMU PA program has been placed on Probation status again at the March 2019 meeting until September 2020. Does anyone know what this means for those of us who will be matriculating this August?
  2. You all can add me on Instagram too if you’d like! @kbcarlson96
  3. I got my acceptance letter in the mail today! I am coming from Minnesota, does anyone who lives in the area have any apartment recommendations?
  4. I got an acceptance call today as well and I accepted! I’m finishing up undergrad in Minnesota, but I’m from Southern California!
  5. I received an email today with an invitation to interview, but they said "Please note, however, we are interviewing for Wait List only at this time." So I would assume this means that the seats have been filled, but they still have space on the waitlist?
  6. Submitted an application for this developing program. Did anyone else apply?
  7. I will be interviewing on March 12 at 11:45! Does anyone know the format of their interviews?
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