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  1. @medic25 Were you able to negotiate a refund with SEMPA? My employer just released a travel ban for all non-essential university related travel outside of our metropolitan area. The conference website makes it seem like there will be no refunds granted for any reason. Thanks!
  2. Thanks Rev, appreciate all that you do for the site! One suggestion may be to physically move the Pre-PA forums higher up on the main web page so that it is more visible. By sheer number of posts it is one of the most popular forums, however one has to scroll to the bottom of the page to access it. Another idea would be to make a separate sub-group of the most popular forum categories (Professional, Specialties, PA student, Pre-PA, and PA schools) and place those as quick links at the top. Not sure if this would solve the issue but may help get appropriately posted traffic spotted by the Professional members to help out the Pre-PA group.
  3. For somebody who has been out of PA school, do you think that obtaining a job in an ED or UC would significantly help your chances of getting into an ED residency? I was an EMT prior to PA school and now have two years work experience in a trauma/surgical ICU. Would it be worth trying to add these jobs even if you were to only work for a few months to a year prior to applying? (I understand many people use an ED residency to get an ED job, but I would be hoping to use it to be able to practice in a solo provider or advanced role in the ED) Thank you for your time
  4. As a recent new graduate (1.5 years out of school) I would say that the best choice you can make as a new graduate is taking a job with good mentorship/APP leadership. I have had a fair amount of classmates switch jobs not because it was the wrong specialty/city, but from reasons secondary to poor guidance or not having a supporting member to help them through the many challenges of starting in a new career. Your first job will likely define what kind of provider you are going to become: your work ethic, practice patterns, patient interactions, etc... You can build these core career skills in any job. Having the right team to help build your career will ultimately prepare you to take on any job setting/specialty/city that you may wish as you continue to grow. As a bonus, having good mentors/co-workers will end up increasing your pay in the long run in the form of year end evaluations, job recommendations, and future reference letters. Good luck with your search!
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