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  1. If you don’t mind can you give a timeline of applying to interview invite? When did you receive the invite?
  2. PHey would you mind telling me when you applied and when you received the email that your application is under review?
  3. Hey would you mind telling me when you applied and when you received the email that your application is under review?
  4. See I am sooo confused. I submitted caspa, verified and my supplemental 6/24 and it’s been radio silence ever since
  5. Heyyy if you don’t mind can you tell me when you submitted? Also when you received the email that your file was under review
  6. Received my rejection today . Supplemental submitted 7/3
  7. Sort of it means they have reviewed your app an they aren’t sure what they want to do yet. So instead of just rejecting you they keep your app and see if you’ll be a good fit later on in the cycle. It’s better than getting rejected that means your application has potential!!
  8. It looks like they only take two letters ( 1 from a PA and another 1) but I have 3 LORS and I wanted them to see all of them. If not I rather be able to choose the second letter they choose to upload because one of them is really strong out of my 3.
  9. I’ve seen some people mention that they did but I never got one after submitting my supplemental. I called admissions a week ago they said your not suppose to receive an email that says 7-14 days just and interview or rejection
  10. I’m confused I’m submitted my supplemental payment 6/20 and I have yet to receive an e-mail stating my file was complete and I would receive a decision in 7-14 days...
  11. Thank you so much for letting us know! I just submitted!
  12. Ughh I keep getting this too I wonder if it will be fixed today due to the holiday tomorrow
  13. After you pay your supplemental fee are you suppose to receive another e-mail stating your file is complete? I received the email that my CASPA was received. I also received a separate e-mail with my receipt for my supplemental but nothing saying your application is complete.
  14. Can you tell if they applied it or not? Because when I go into look at the status of my supplemental it’s states it’s submitted with pending fee payment.
  15. Has anybody applied for the fee waiver and see that it’s been applied? Caspa submitted : 6/8 verified: 6/11 supplement submitted 6/8 email to ask for waiver : 6/11
  16. Ok thank you. Someone from another thread at the ga campus said they email them again a week later and they finally replied. So I’ll try that and see what happens
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