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  1. I interviewed on 10/9 and just checked my portal that says accepted!!!! I will definitely be putting a deposit down!
  2. Interviewed 10/9 and just checked my portal that says I was accepted!!! I’m so excited!!
  3. As far as I know, they are updating everyone because we are all still under consideration. They’re still holding interviews I believe.
  4. Yes. I got this exact email on September 12th and haven’t heard anything since.
  5. The email I received on August 27 (confirming that my application was complete) said that interviews would be held in November! I have no clue about how many dates or if it’s only one session.
  6. Submitted on July 30, then got an email that said my prerequisite coursework was reviewed as complete on September 12. Nothing since.
  7. Also in the same boat! I don’t know how many interviews they hold, but I’m starting to get stressed.
  8. I also received this email 9/16 where they said it would be “several months” before they hold interviews! Last year I believe they did have interviews in October/November, but I know they have said they don’t hold them “during the winter months”. It’ll be an interesting wait...
  9. I am also waiting! I submitted my East Falls and Center City applications both on August 19.
  10. Hi! I hope I’m understanding correctly, but I believe it is because you can only apply to ONE campus (Boston, Worcester, or Manchester). They are the same application and it will ask you what campus you are applying to. Hope that helps! Please feel free to private message me with any questions and I’ll definitely try to help.
  11. There is already a 2019-2020 thread on the page right before this if you look for it! I think it went towards the bottom because people haven't been posting a lot yet, but it is titled "2019-2020 Franklin Pierce". Just wanted to let you both know that in case other people continue to post in that one!
  12. I applied 7/31 and got verification from East Falls, but stilllll haven’t from Center City! Let me know what they say!
  13. I love that you're undergrad degree is nursing! I think that will definitely make you stand out. My stats are similar (3.59 GPA, 1500 hours as an LNA) and I worry because this program is very competitive, especially with patient hours. I'm from the Boston area and would love to have a reason to go back!!
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