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  1. They don't tell us these things so it's hard to say :/. I think it's safe to say that if they're still holding interviews, they're looking for more candidates to fill the seats because they haven't filled them yet. I can't see why Barry would waste more time than needed to do more interviews.
  2. Sanah!!! yes, I remember you. it's me, Daniel, we talked about James Harden hahahaha. I've also been accepted, and committed to going to Barry!! see you there!!
  3. @Evana1993 @_BadaBing_ I’m coming in from Virginia! Where are you guys coming from?!
  4. I too receieved an interview for 3/26. Looking forward to meeting you guys
  5. Any Barry hopefuls from the 3/1 interview hear back yet? A handful of us including mysef have yet to hear back. I do remember Michelle asking to give her 3 weeks time to get back to us, but The Anxiety Feelsssss
  6. To all the 3/1 interviewees I met, it was such a pleasure meeting and laughing with yall! This is Daniel. Wishing everyone the very best and hope to see you guys again!
  7. I received that same email about a week ago and also found it really weird because I too applied pretty late (August maybe?). Today I received another email saying I got an interview offer! So maybe that’s a good sign for you :). Wishing you all the best.
  8. Would any of the previous interviewees mind sharing what they loved about BU at the miami campus? What set BU apart from all the other PA programs out there?
  9. Just got an interview invite this morning! I chose the March 1st interview, so hopefully I get confirmed for that one. Looking forward to meeting those who will be there on that day
  10. I still have not heard back either. Pretty sure my cortisol levels are abnormally high at this point . I’d hate to think that CDU has already sent out all their acceptances and are leaving the rest of us on standby, without any implication of whether were waitlisted or rejected, until someone gives up his/her seat. My guess is maybe they’re under-staffed? Though, if I’m either waitlisted or rejected, I’d still like to know ASAP so I can move on and be confident in paying my seat deposit for my second choice program. CDU is my first.
  11. Oh lawddd have mercy. CDU, please tell me whether I’m accepted, waitlisted, or rejected so i can move on with life
  12. Im on the same exact boat as you . Very painful process of waiting to hear at least something from the school you want to go to. Decided to jump the gun and email her cuz it hurt too badddd
  13. Decided to take one for the team and shoot Prof. Moini an email. Hope this helps all the anxious people out there like myself waiting to hear back
  14. Congrats!!! That’s so exciting! Hoping to be on the same boat
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