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  1. Hello, I applied with about 60 hours of NP shadowing, and only 16 hours shadowing a PA. In one interview, they asked to clarify and I discussed how shadowing an NP helped me understand "person-based" care, which is also a fundamental quality of a PA, and how PA and NP both utilize many of the same qualities of patient care. Definitely include any NP shadowing on your CASPA. I ended up getting in to both schools I applied to. Hope this helps
  2. Hello everyone! I just found out I've been accepted for spring 2020. Best wishes to everyone, happy holidays, and good luck if you haven't interviewed yet!
  3. When I checked this morning there was one more spot for Dec. 5. If you can't access it online I would call the admissions office and have them check for you. Best of luck!
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