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  1. I think both are amazing programs and I would come out as a good PA regardless of program. Rush is def cheaper. However I think my mental health would significantly benefit from attending USC. Since I wouldn’t feel as isolated across the country and can easily find comfort if needed with family friends in the area. I guess my question is how horrendous will it be paying back that student loan...anyone who has attended USC or has a similar tuition debt/student debt know what I would be looking at monthly? In terms of payments to pay off the loan? I want to go to USC but I don’t want to be struggling post graduation..if loan payments are taking up a grand majority of my monthly earning.
  2. Hello there, I understand that ultimately this is my choice alone but would appreciate any insight from currently practicing PAs. I’ve received an offer from USC (Los Angeles) & Rush University (Chicago). I’m from California so the temptation to attend a California school in sunny LA is very appealing. I would be closer to friends and family. However tuition is probably the highest in the nation ~180 K not including housing/other living expenses. Rush on the other hand is also an amazing program but located in Chicago. I would be away from loved ones and my support system (Family, friends, boyfriend). I love the school too! Both great academics/training opportunities. Rush however is closer to $98K. I don’t want to be buried in debt. Any thoughts? Or is the price relatively non-consequential given I would be graduating @28 years old. And have years worth of earning potential?
  3. I got my acceptance call yesterday around 6:15 PM!!! So excited!
  4. Same it’s almost been a month it feels like forever to possibly receive a rejection LOL I’m excited to see what happens no matter what. I’m guessing if they meet 2/6 they will call 2/7 (Friday) for acceptance right? Does anyone from the last round of acceptance know if they call next day or the following Monday?
  5. just got the same email. First correspondence I've heard from them.
  6. I couldn’t attend the November interview because I had an interview the day prior in Chicago. They rescheduled me to interview on January 11th, so there should be another interview session. I got accepted into a PA program in Chicago, so I might give up my interview. USC is such a great school but the tuition is so much higher than the other program. Any thoughts by people who have attended an interview session or has been accepted? Why USC? Is it worth the tuition?
  7. Hi, I just got accepted a couple days ago! I’m coming from California
  8. Congrats!!! This is so exciting!! I interviewed on 11/8 too we probably met. Hi future classmate
  9. You're right LOL Sorry I'm flying out on 11/08 but the interview invite was for 11/09
  10. Just got an interview for 11/08! This is my dream school good luck everyone!
  11. The invite was the first correspondence I had with Rush University.
  12. Just got an interview offer from Rush University! Interviewing first week of November, beyond excited. Good luck to everyone
  13. Congrats on the interview! If you don't mind, what are your stats? I'm trying to stay hopeful since it's one of the closer schools to my home.
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