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  1. I just received an email that said they are done with interviews.
  2. Just received a rejection email. Good luck to everyone and keep your heads up!
  3. Just got an email stating my application had been given to faculty for review.
  4. So I may have to go look again, I took it back in April or May I think and had added all schools to my list but if it wasn’t required then, then I probably didn’t add it!
  5. I just got one but I sent it to them when I took it? I also thought they weren’t requiring it this cycle?
  6. Keep your head up! A lot easier said than done, BUT there is a school for you! This is my 3rd year applying! Keep going!
  7. Has anyone heard anything or been extended an interview? I know October just started but I’m eagerly waiting!
  8. Just got another email that my application will still be on hold for another two weeks! I too am an out of state applicant! Good luck everyone!
  9. In my self service it’s still saying that my GRE scores have not been received and I know they’re waiving it this cycle, but I already submitted them to CASPA. Does anyone know if I have to submit it to UTRGV as well? Has anyone heard anything else about interviews?
  10. Just received an email that I’ve been placed on the “hold list” and that they will reconvene and look over my application again in roughly two weeks to decide whether or not to extend an invitation or denial. Hopefully this helps some people and good luck to those still waiting or interviewing and congrats to those on acceptances!
  11. Yes! I was wondering what that was about. I never got a confirmation email that I was verified, but my CASPA application says I am. I'm hoping this means we'll be getting interview invitation emails soon! Good luck everyone!
  12. Just received an email that my application has been passed onto faculty!
  13. Has anyone not received anything else other than the initial email? I haven’t heard anything about being still in review, interview invitation or rejection email.
  14. They said “outlook, yahoo, etc”. I use outlook (hotmail) and I was verified sometime early August. I don’t remember the exact dates.
  15. If you haven’t heard anything from them as far as a secondary review email or interview invite, I would email them. I had not heard anything and emailed them yesterday and got an email saying CASPA was having some problems with emails. I did not get an interview and they had sent me the email in August. Good luck to everyone and congratulations to those who have made it!
  16. It looks like from last years forum that they’ll send a rejection email
  17. When did you submit everything? And of course Congratulations!
  18. That really stinks! When did you submit everything?
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