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  1. Has anyone else not heard back at all yet? I haven’t heart anything. I don’t want to slow the process by emailing, but I’m so anxious!
  2. Have you heard anything yet? I'm getting so anxious/nervous that they did not see my confirmation. haha.
  3. did you confirm via responding to their email, or did you call? I did both, and have not heard back yet.
  4. I have not interviewed. I was just curious if anyone received a flat out rejection.
  5. Laurenc0629


    Hi! I have looked through the threads, but I thought I might just ask to get an updated response. I am a pre-PA student, and have not been accepted to a program yet. I was wondering when one should reach out to a recruiter, and apply for the HCPSP. My concern is not getting in this year or even next, so I did not want to waste anyone's time, but I do want to be prepared. Thanks! Also, I am 1000% sure this is what I want to do. My husband has served for the past 6 years in the Air Force, and I have spent some time shadowing some of the AF PA's.
  6. Has anyone received a rejection letter yet? I have yet to receive anything and am trying to be hopeful!
  7. Has anyone received a rejection letter? I have not heard anything and was wondering if that is a good sign or bad?
  8. I have not received a rejection letter. How do I view my application status? Anyone else still waiting?
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