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  1. They do. However, they do not share it with anyone because it’s “ever changing”. That’s what they told me last year.
  2. I can’t get this link to pull up! And I also can’t find the group when I search it on Facebook. Could you send the exact name of the group?
  3. I just received an invite to the January 25th interview! My invite also did not state anything about preparing a presentation. Did anyone elses invite for this interview date mention a presentation?
  4. I received a waitlist email earlier today. I interviewed Nov. 2nd. Good luck to everyone who has not heard back yet.
  5. I contacted them not long ago and they told me that all acceptance calls would be made by December 15th, and denial/waitlist emails would be sent out the following week! So hopefully everyone will find something out soon.
  6. Hello! Has anyone else who interviewed on November 2nd heard any news back??
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