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  1. No, they won't tell you where you are on the list unfortunately
  2. I just received an email that I was moved to the accepted pending opening seat list. What are the chances of getting accepted at this point? I'm a little confused about what this means.
  3. Thank you, that helped clarify! Also does that mean if you are on the waitlist you have to be bumped up to the Pending seat list to get in? And in all honesty, what are the chances of getting in off the alternate list. Sounds kinda slim.
  4. Could someone explain to me how the waitlist work. Like are there 2 steps to it? I noticed someone from last cycle had said they were put on the "accepting pending opening seat list" and that there is an alternate list as well. So is being on the alternate list kind of like being on the second wait list?
  5. Has anyone from the 6/25 interview not heard anything at all yet?
  6. Do they just do one round of interviews or will there be more invites going out?
  7. Has anyone else just flat out heard nothing yet? I didn't even get an email yesterday!
  8. Does anyone know how many seats are left for this years class? I just got an email for an interview February 22nd.
  9. So I read this program lost its accreditation. Is this still the case?
  10. I read that WSUs accreditation is on probation. What does that mean for the class of 2021
  11. For those who were accepted and this is their second year applying, what would you say increased your chances of getting in this year? Just in case I don't get in this year, I want to know what will help next year.
  12. Do you think they are still making acceptance calls? Or should we just wait for a alternate rejection letter at this point?
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