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  1. Not to be negative but has anyone been rejected from tufts? I was verified May 14th and haven’t heard from them so I’m assuming that’s not good.. was just wondering if they reject all at once at the end or not
  2. I'll be interviewing at the main campus on September 10th!
  3. Has anyone received a rejection from Tufts? I was verified May 14th and haven’t heard anything, so I was wondering if they send rejections all at once after all interviews have been offered?
  4. Has anyone that has received an interview invite been notified of a date of the interview? I was informed in May that I was invited for an interview but they didn’t have a date yet
  5. Congrats! When did you guys submit/verified by Tufts?
  6. What did everyone's verification email say? I got one that said they received my application and were going to begin processing it then another one saying they hadn't received my GRE scores yet because I had sent them that day. Im wondering if I should have received another email saying that my app had been verified.
  7. Just got invited for an interview on July 12th!
  8. I submitted May 14 and received an email saying my application was under review on May 16
  9. Same! I had to reschedule because my sister gets married on the 29th but I’ll be there in July
  10. Congrats! When are you interviewing? And do you mind sharing your stats?
  11. Hi guys, congrats to all of those accepted! Does anyone know why the program was granted Accreditation-Probation status?
  12. I was waitlisted yesterday and I'm wondering the same thing.
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