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  1. First of all, if this is in the wrong spot feel free to move it or I can delete it. I figured it would get more attention from those that are appropriately qualified here. Either way, I am a PA-S who wants to do a residency in critical care or EM after graduation. I just finished up my first semester and know I have a lot ahead of me in terms of rotations etc and may end up interested in another area after the experience. However, my work experience as an EMT and ER Tech and background as an engineer has lead me to an interest in these specific areas. So, as I’m going through school I’m keeping getting into a critical care or EM residency as my goal and am looking for any tips or tricks in getting into a residency. What did you do before graduating that you credit for helping to get you into a residency/fellowship? What sort of things do you wish you had done that would have helped you get into residency/fellowship? Any other tips for a student who wants to do postgraduate training? Thanks for the replies. Hopefully this can help others interested too.
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