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  1. It really is a shame, because I put in the work and ultimately was rewarded with a heaping pile of adversity entering the market I’m in. I cannot relocate. I’m continuously passed over by prospective employers due to lack of experience, who also question why I’ve been looking for work for nearly 6 months now. I don’t care to explain to them that I gave up my initial job because it was abusive, and the other offers I’ve had consisted of “65k, no benefits”. Employers have NO idea what it’s like.
  2. Well, unfortunately most people do take these crap offers, because Florida has something like 11 PA schools, in addition to all the online schools churning out NPs. The market is flooded, and people are desperate.
  3. Florida is absolutely saturated and it’s difficult to acquire sites. The overwhelming majority of my rotations absolutely sucked. Despite being an extremely strong student academically, I feel wholly unprepared to practice without some serious training and guidance from an SP. All my classmates feel the same, and many are stuck in abusive practices out of desperation.
  4. Agreed. Also in Florida. Every single offer I’ve ever had has been non-negotiable. Employers will show you the door if you ask for above 85k as a new grad. The highest paid classmate of mine is making 95k.
  5. PAFL12

    New grad

    The entire east coast is saturated. From Vero Beach to Miami, it’s pretty bad. West coast is slightly less so but the issue is that we have s ton of schools churning out new grads. The few offers that you do come across have a tendency to low ball you because they know they can.
  6. PAFL12

    New grad

    Not sure what the PA I II and III means but stay the hell away from Florida. The market is absolutely horrendous here.
  7. I’m a new grad PA who has encountered some significant difficulty finding a suitable position in my area (South Florida). Relocation isn’t an option at this point. I’ve posted about that before, but I’m hoping someone could help guide me or offer any insight into potentially entering into the field of forensic work as a medicolegal death investigator. I know that states such as NY and VA have utilized PAs in this context, but I haven’t been able to get a hold of any to chat with them and get insight. I have an interview with the office of the Medical Examiner this week for an available po
  8. Spouse is not involved, but other family members are.
  9. Absolutely helps! Thank you for this very valuable input!
  10. While I don’t feel ready to practice, I think much of this would be alleviated by having a supportive SP willing to train. Until I found this position, I wasn’t able to find anything remotely close to a supportive environment. I mentioned in another comment that I plan on working in a volunteer clinic that provides free care to the underprivileged. Similar construct with supportive, seasoned providers but no opportunity for full-time work. Would this be a good starting point (short of just finding another job) to offset some of the pidgeonholing I’m doing here?
  11. I agree and my plan was to work in a volunteer clinic or UC part time to keep my general skills sharp. Moving unfortunately is absolutely not an option at this point in time, so I have to make the most of what I have. It truthfully is tremendously depressing. I’ve been hustling to find opportunities and there just aren’t many.
  12. Title basically says it all but I’m a new grad in South Florida, where it’s well-known the market is horrific. Positions are very hard to find. I graduated in August and have been looking for positions since. I’ve had a few offers, but none were good fits. Recently, I was offered a position in a vein clinic. It’s a family owned, small practice where the SP is an interventional radiologist. He primarily does sclerotherapy and needs a PA to help and also run the mini-cosmetic clinic he also has going which consists of Botox/Fillers. The pay isn’t good (70k) for the first year, but I truly l
  13. Ah this is amazing! I honestly haven’t ever been able to talk to a PA who worked in this field. Do you have any recommendations for getting a hold of people like this short of just cold calling them lol?
  14. I agree, and thank you! I’m actually actively looking into sort of charting my own course in forensics (medicolegal death investigation). Super hard to find info on, but PAs do it in NYC and Washington’s D.C, so why not FL?
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