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  1. Hi All, I have been accepted to two stellar schools this cycle, Marshall B. Ketchum University in California, and Pace University - Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. Of note, I am from California and would be able to stay in my current living situation if I were to choose MBKU. I am in love with both of these programs and am finding it difficult to decide. Notably, the tuition of each is nearly identical so the cost of living and rent would be the only difference. Without giving too much of my own opinion, I would love to hear from the PA Forum community on your thoughts regarding my choices. Thank You!
  2. Unfortunately, I'm out of state and wouldn't be able to get off of work. Please let us know how it is if you do go!
  3. I can't remember if they said we would hear back "by" or "around" February 1st. Hoping that tomorrow is finally the day.
  4. I too have only received my acceptance letter and deposit receipt. The receipt should have been sent to you via email right after you paid the deposit!
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