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  1. I would base your decision off of what program you think you’re a better fit for! The rest will be a hassle but only about a month of it. Looking back after being a PA you’ll be proud of where you went/your decision versus a small adjustment in the grand scheme of it all. Tech has a great program & we’d love to have you if you’re willing to sacrifice a little more here in the short for the long term gain
  2. Received my official offer after being on the waitlist since November. I’ve been praying every night for acceptance- keep and stay hopeful everyone!!
  3. Hey everyone from last year... I am currently waitlisted for this year’s cycle. It looks like quite a few were accepted from last year’s waitlist. Does anyone have any advice? Know how man get waitlisted and how many generally get offered (I know I’m sure it varies)? Or anything I can do while I currently wait? I see thy just sent out a few interviews in February for this year and it’s confusing me since they have already sent out alternate offers. It seems to me they would wait before to offer waitlists until all interviews. Also it doesn’t appear any interviews were conducted past December in your class. Any insight... anyone?
  4. I am shocked as well. I see quite a few have bee given an alternate list offer yet are interviewing more students. One would assume they’d go through all interviews before waitlisting or offer those that were waitlisted an offer before interviewing more. Does anyone understand this thinking or strategy to this from the faculty’s perspective? Prior experience?
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