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  1. Haha you’re the real MVP dxhwang I’ve been over here thinking “omg this is rejection isn’t it?”
  2. Im totally interested in meeting up! I am going to try my hardest to show up since I live a little over an hour away and I have work so I can't make any promises but I will for sure let you know!
  3. Hey everyone! I have an interview this week and I’m so happy because it’s one of my top 2 schools but I’m also feeling extremely nervous because I don’t want to mess this up do any of you know how the interview process goes? Also any helpful tips will be gladly appreciated if you guys don’t mind sharing
  4. Hi everyone!!! First I would like to say congrats to everyone who got invited and also to everyone who got accepted! I got invited for an interview and I’m super excited but also super nervous. Would anyone mind sharing some tips with me? This is one of my top 2 schools and it’s my first time interviewing
  5. Keeping my fingers crossed that someway somehow they’ll send more invites
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