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  1. Well, looks like they do call before they email, as I'll be interviewing that day too!
  2. They've never done phone calls for invites, as I have been invited in the past. Why would that change? And assuming you aren't the lone invite, why hasn't this forum blown up? I'm seriously curious, because this seems strange to me.
  3. I agree with Emily. Don't be nervous! They purely want to get to know you, and each faculty member/student easily conveyed that. It was a fun, though nerve-wracking day. If you understand the role of the PA, and do your research about the program, you will be fine. Good luck!
  4. Hey! I was at the June 29th interview. It seems that most years it was roughly a month to hear back, but that still doesn't stop me from checking my emails and this site 24/7 lol.
  5. If anyone has had the following problem, please let me know! I have had some sort of tech error while attempting to turn in my supplemental application. I have attempted to pay on numerous cards, on different browsers, with accurate information, as well as my current CASPA ID, and I am still receiving an email back that says that my payment has not been processed for unknown reasons. Oddly enough, Kay Denler has no information for me, but has said others have had this issue. I don't know what exactly is going on, but I have not run into problems like this with any other schools, and this is worrisome. If there is a God, maybe it will give someone the knowledge to help fix this lol.
  6. The PA I worked for graduated when he was 53, and has been working full time for 15 years, with no end in sight! There's time.
  7. Hopefully this is the week we are finally given the accreditation results!
  8. 4-5 weeks? So I emailed the ARC-PA at the end of September and they told me the information would be dispersed 3 weeks after the meetings. Either way, the waiting game sucks.
  9. For sure, but I bet the staff there are all on anxiety meds due to this whole ordeal!
  10. Seriously? That seems late to me, but I guess I'll have to learn patience lol.
  11. Has anyone heard any news on if UVU solidified accreditation this weekend?
  12. Well, for starters, what are your current stats? Let me know what they are and we can go from there. I don't know everything but I'm sure that I can help. I have been accepted to two programs so far this cycle and may have some advice based on your current stats. I look forward to hearing from you.
  13. Yeah, I am still wondering how I can swing this. With this being a new program, we will definitely have to be able to promptly adapt to anything. Can't wait!
  14. For those already accepted, is anyone calling in to the orientation thing tomorrow? Sounds mysterious.
  15. Hey guys, I probably won't be at the tour, but I'm down to meet at the restaurant around 6!
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