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  1. I am starting my first position in Critical Care. I am very excited about it but I am hoping to get some advice on resources that I might be able to use for this job. While they promote education and my Head PA is kind, I want to be prepared.
  2. Just wondering if anyone knows of opportunities in Broward or Palm Beach? I am in the Coral Springs/ Parkland region. Thanks
  3. For online video review I like HIPPO.
  4. Oh yeah and also Practice questions Practice Questions Practice Questions. Don't get so focused on what you don't know and focus on doing practice questions and setting up mini practice tests so that you can become comfortable with the test. This helped me alot with anxiety levels, insight on how and why I was answering the questions and confidence in my abilities (so that I would not change answers)
  5. Hi. I was in the same boat and everyone around me was surprised because I have always performed very well in school. I just Passed and I will say I have never had so much confidence and energy taking an exam. My biggest help was tutoring. When doing a search because I had already tried so many different programs I found Precipio learning on one of the PANCE forums and the tutors name is Dr. John Athas. He has a lot of experience, he provides a strong foundation so that you don't have to memorize INFORMATION, you just know your stuff and you answer questions the way that you would provide care for a patient. I totally recommend the investment... or atleast contact him and let him talk to you to answer your questions about it because it was the best thing I could have done for my family and myself.


    Congratulations that is awesome!
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