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  1. I got accepted an hour and a half after I left the interview on Dec 18th ! I am honestly over the moon. Send me a message if you are in my 2020 class! Also: they stated that this was the last interview of the cycle just to be transparent with everyone on this page.
  2. I was verified June 22nd and so far have gotten no other communications as well. Fingers crossed for both of us
  3. Do you think if I reapplied and accrued ~2000 more PCE hours after my gap year my chances would be significantly higher? What would you recommend doing before this cycle?
  4. I am taking a gap year following my undergraduate at the University of Idaho, and applying this cycle in May of 2019. I am terrified of being denied entry, I feel that there isn't much that stands out in my application. I am doing an impressive internship this summer, but will be applying before it begins. I hope to matriculate into a surgical career, but am keeping my options open at this point. Please give me your 100% candid feedback. I'm an Idaho resident, from a medically underserved area btw. cGPA: 3.54 sGPA: 3.5 Paid PCE: ~800 hours as a surgical floor CNA Unpaid PC
  5. What is the average HCE for admitted applicants? I am applying with ~1,500 and want to know how it compares to interviewed admitted, candidates
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