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  1. My friend that is in their PA program now said they started interviewing people last week so hopefully we hear something soon!
  2. Received my acceptance offer 2/7!! Can't wait to meet you all!
  3. I applied in September and haven't heard back either but I agree at least an email saying I was denied would be helpful so I can move on and accept other offers.
  4. I applied in October and have yet to hear anything since I submitted my secondary app.
  5. Interview was really laid back and questions weren't too bad at all. Admissions committee was very easy to talk to! I'm not sure how many applicants they have interview. I received my acceptance on Dec. 3rd. Good luck!
  6. I’m in the same boat. They emailed me twice after my interview but I haven’t heard anything since.
  7. I haven’t heard anything! I’m getting so anxious!
  8. Congrats!! that’s so awesome!! When did you interview and how did they let you know you were accepted?
  9. I have an interview on nov 28th and was wondering what type of interview to expect since it’s only 2 hours. Any info or advice would be greatly appreciated!!
  10. Has anyone received an invitation to interview but not the interview date yet? It doesn’t seem like they have many open dates left so I’m just worried they will email me last minute with my scheduled interview date. I live 4 hours away and I plan on driving so just want to have enough time to make arrangements!
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