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  1. Got a waitist email yesterday. I'd already decided to attend another program, but still a little bummed. Best of luck to everyone who attends MUSC! Charleston is beautiful!
  2. I felt like this needed to be the top thread! https://wpde.com/news/local/fmu-withdraws-from-physician-assistant-accreditation-process-ending-program-10-29-2020
  3. Holy freaking yikes. I'm in awe a medical program even exists with this level of emphasis on religion. I had no clue... Well I'm glad you've enjoyed it regardless, KThames!
  4. To be honest, I'm from the South and most of the community colleges near me are really not up to par with graduate-level study. When I applied through CASPA, it was just listed as University of Maryland - Baltimore, so I wasn't even aware of the community college aspect. I'm excited for the interview tomorrow and will go into it open-minded. The CC aspect just gave me pause for a moment because of my personal experience with where I took some pre-reqs.
  5. Soooo basically we're at a community college the whole time? Hmmm....
  6. In my experience applying this cycle, stats just help programs decide if you could handle the rigor of the program, but they are much more interested in your personal statement/how you write about your experiences! My stats were 3.87 GPA, 317 GRE, and 1,100 PCE, but people get interviews/get accepted with far higher and far lower stats. The interview dates go through Nov 21st, so don't give up hope yet!
  7. Can anyone who attended the info session tell me a little more about how the program is set up in terms of where the main campus is located and how the program is integrated between UM and the community college?
  8. Hey everyone! I've given up my spot at this program for admission somewhere else, so I hope that opens it up for one of you!!
  9. Hmmm, that's pretty disappointing from a healthcare program...
  10. Sure! I had a 3.87 GPA, 317 GRE, and about 1,100 PCE. I think your personal statement and how you talk about your experiences play a huge part, though! From my experience applying this year at GWU and others, stats matter a bit because they want to know you can handle the rigor of the program, but they're really interested in who YOU are as a person and what YOU personally could bring to the program.
  11. Hey! I interviewed at the 9/12 session (accepted), and it was not intimidating at all! The MMIs ended up being my favorite part. I think the best way to prepare is to look through some common MMI questions online and practice out loud in front of a mirror!
  12. Hello! I'm a little late to the game, but are their interviews in person?? Every other school I've applied to is doing virtual interviews, and I'm confused...
  13. Accepted today!!! Super excited! I was a little thrown by the interview day, though, because you don't actually have a "normal" individual interview. They just immediately tell you whether you're in, out, or wait-listed and then you talk about that, so give it your all in the group interview! Stats: 3.87 GPA, 317 GRE, and 1,100 PCE
  14. Hey! I was accepted from the 9/12 interview via phone call and have not received anything else other than official enrollment/deposit information. I would love to get a Facebook group or groupme started, though, if people were interested!
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