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  1. I got a DUI 10 years ago in CA. It got expunged 2 years ago. How would you answer this question, "Have you ever plead guilty or no contest to a misdemeanor criminal offense, or been found guilty by a court of such a criminal offense?" I'm scared to answer no and look dishonest but that was the whole point of paying to get it expunged so I could answer no. Has anyone been in this situation?
  2. Hey guys, Dilemma: I currently have a 2.93 sGPA (low, I know). 12 years ago, I was a dumb freshman who failed classes like environmental science, intro to chemistry, because I stopped attending and for some reason didn’t withdraw. This affected my sGPA so much! I started taking my preqs this year and so far I have: Anatomy- A Physiology- A Microbiology-A Gen Chem 1- C Gen Chem 2- A Med Term- A Genetics- A In the fall, I planned on taking pharmacology and another science course to bring me over the 3.0 mark. If you were in my shoes would you take pharmacology along with a human biology course (GPA booster) or would you take pharmacology and retake Gen Chem 1? I did well in Gen Chem 2 with a different professor so I’m not sure if schools would overlook the C. The schools I am applying to don’t require organic chemistry or biochemistry so I am not planning on taking them. Thoughts?
  3. I appreciate your input. I'm also thinking it won't count as PCE, but was hoping it did count. I contacted one of the programs and that was their response in my post.
  4. I wish I could retake this course but it was over 12 years ago at state university I no longer attend. I am unsure if I retook a non-honors course with the same title if CASPA would average or schools would consider replacing my grade? (for schools that do grade replacements).
  5. I previously worked as a social worker for CPS. I'm wondering if my experience could be used as clinical experience. Because I lived in a rural area and finding workers was difficult, they did not require a Masters or to be a LCSW. Also, due to this we often had to be more hands on since we did not have the money to hire third-party companies to do assessments or drug tests. Some of my duties included: Assessing clients/patients (adults and children) with substance abuse and/or mental health issues. When I first received a case we would assess them with various initial assessment tools in order to know if they were to be referred to mental health services and/or substance abuse resources. While we did not make a treatment plan for them, but we had to make sure they were following the plan and providing them with advice and constant "therapy." I say "therapy" because it was not in a clinic but rather depending on the location. It could have been in a rehab facility, their home, our office, etc. I was also responsible for collecting urine or oral samples on a daily basis for multiple clients and sending them to the toxicology lab. We also dealt with medical records, immunization records, and had to be present at discharge to get discharge instructions for foster parents and understand the terminology. I have emailed one PA school on what they consider PCE and they wrote back with "As long as you are assessing patients and providing medical or psychological treatment directly to patients in a clinical setting (CPR, administering medication, psychotherapy, physical therapy, etc.), your experience will be accepted. The more hands on treatment you provide, the stronger your experience will be considered." Another school has listed on their website: “Direct-patient care experience” means that the applicant was an active participant in the care of a patient. This may include performing a service to the body (physical therapy assistant, paramedic, etc.), performing a service to the mind (counseling, health education, etc.), or personally interacting with patients (scribe, etc.) in the medical environment. Direct patient care does not include front office or administrative work. The medical environment refers to the place where medical services are rendered or medical examinations occur. While I feel like I was providing a service to the mind by interacting with my clients, I am STILL unsure if they would count this as PCE. Does anyone have any experience from going from a social worker to a PA?
  6. Thank you! I was hoping it didn't count because it was 5 units and really bringing down my sGPA, guess I'll have to work on bringing it up.
  7. In my freshman year of college at a state university, I took an honors quantitative chemistry course. Since general chemistry was highly impacted, the chemistry department created an exam for incoming freshman. It allowed for them to be placed in the honors quantitative chemistry course and upon completion would count as a whole year of general chemistry. On my transcript it does say HON QUANT CHEM but I don't know how CASPA will classify this course since it was considered an "honors" course in college. I am hoping it doesn't count towards my sGPA because I didn't do well. Will this count towards my sGPA? I know CASPA has a list of science classes but honors courses are not listed on there. Does anyone have a similar experience?
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