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  1. To those that didn't receive an invitation to interview, don't give up! I received a waitlist email on wed, then few days later received an offer to interview. After a few days of thinking it over, I decided to decline due to an acceptance to another school. Good Luck to those interviewing.
  2. ACCEPTED! Can't believe it, on cloud 9 rn. Congrats to those accepted, and to those still waiting...keep on going, this process is a journey and the right school will come calling.
  3. Received a rejection last night. I think it was my lower GRE score, but since they didn't have a minimum I applied since I have nothing to lose. Prepping for an Interview for another program softened the rejection hahah Congrats to those who have gotten interviews and good luck to those applying. sending good vibes Verified: 7/16/20 Touro App reviewed email: 8/2
  4. After waiting for 1 LOR for what felt like an eternity my application status now says "ready for review". anyone else have anything different? Based on last year's thread, interview invites should have gone out but this app cycle has been different haha
  5. Yea I also got an invite for the 8th. The email I received had no indication that it would be separate. It says the interview will last all a full day comprising of group interview and MMIs. Confused by the posts on here
  6. Congrats to those that interviewed. Do you mind sharing when your app was submitted/verified? Just looking at timeline because this wait of unknown is brutal haha
  7. Finally received an email today that my app was under review (sent to Gmail spam). It took a bit longer than some folks to hear back. I was verified on caspa 06/04. I was starting to worry haha. Now we wait to hopefully hear back in September.
  8. Just received an email acknowledging they received my application and its under review. Now its the waiting game for 4-8 weeks, email states not to contact them for updates haha Caspa Submitted 06/01 Verified 06/04 Good luck!
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