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  1. As far as I’m concerned the W’s won’t hurt or help me. It’s how I perform at the new school, and they are absolutely fine with it. I notified them yesterday about my situation. And I don’t plan on applying to any residency’s after I become a PA-C and assume my acceptance into a residency program would have very little to do about W’s at a new provisional accreditation school that 4 other students left at the same cohort and assume they will look at my gpa from the well known accredited school that I graduated from.
  2. For my first choice, yes. Three other students have already dropped out of the program and went elsewhere.
  3. It’s honestly miserable and I can’t bear another week here, it’s a new program and clearly it was rushed to the point where they are using students to teach few of our classes. My first choice is accredited and well known and back at home where my social and emotional resources are. The program director was very understanding and supportive. I was just wondering if there would be any problems or if I need to report this to anyone since I will he withdrawing with W’s
  4. 4 weeks out from 1st semester, but I am still able to withdrawal
  5. Is it possible to switch programs from one PA school to another if we recently got off of a waitlist for our first choice? Do we have to report that we went to a PA school already, if so who do we report to? Thanks!
  6. Your GPA isn't horrible, but getting it up to a ~3.4 would make you a solid competitive applicant. I would suggest you take ~20-25 units post bacc in courses that effect your sGPA at your local community college while still racking up your hours. I guarantee you will get interviews after doing this.
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