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  1. Has anyone heard anything after the sept 12th interview? I remember them saying 48hrs we would hear something
  2. I also received an interview invitation for October 8th! Super excited!
  3. Accepted from the 8/16 interview!!!!! I am SO excited! Anyone else??
  4. I am also interviewing this Friday! Super excited! Flying in from Youngstown, Ohio.
  5. I am also having issues getting to the supplement application. I hope it gets fixed! I am so excited for this year!
  6. Hey there ! Nothing too special to share... GPA overall is 3.5. Not sure what my prereq is maybe around 3.4. 1500 hours of clinical experience as an MA. Thousands of hours of community service. Two years of research including a poster presentation and gre score of combined 292 and writing 4.0
  7. I submitted the day CASPA opened again for this cycle back in April
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