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  1. awesome! Did you get it right after the acceptance email? I live in CA so maybe that’s why I haven’t gotten it yet
  2. anyone who has been accepted gotten anything in the mail yet??
  3. Does anyone know when the program/classes start?
  4. I have not heard anything about a writing sample? Was that announced or posted somewhere?
  5. Hi everyone!! I’m interviewing at Thiel and got my invitation for the Virtual interview today. Was wondering if anyone else did and if anyone wanted to go over some tips and information about the program!
  6. Did everyone get their rejections today? I haven’t gotten an email for acceptance or rejection
  7. Hello! I have not heard back and was at the interview. I heard the last year the applicants heard back on the Monday after the interview so I was wondering the same thing
  8. Hello Everyone! I have recently moved to California and am interviewing this Friday for the program. I look forward to getting to know everyone! Does anyone know the format of the interview? I hope to see everyone at the meet and greet on Thursday
  9. I got an email just now as well about second round of interviews. I agree with the admissions team not wanting to waste their time. I wonder if anyone got a rejection email
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