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  1. Hello, I just submitted my application today. Anyone know if we are getting any notified email from UofU, I know some programs send out an email like we have received your application and meets all requirement.
  2. I wonder if all the interviewees got waitlisted. Anyone have an idea how many people are on an alternative list.
  3. Congratulation, hopefully I hear back some good news from the school.
  4. I'm also very curious to know when we will be hearing back from school, hopefully soon. If anyone hears back from school, if you could please keep us posted that would help us with our anxiety. Thanks!!
  5. Thank Nicole for getting back to me, was there any specific grade that you had to get to keep your spot?
  6. Hello Nicole, I think you came and spoke to all the candidates during our interview session. I have a question, If I'm currently enrolled in one-course, does this affect their decision of getting selected? Thank you in advance for your answer.
  7. I'm also curious to know how many spots are left. Can't wait for March...
  8. Congratulations!! How did you prepare for the interview or any tips or suggestion? I have an interview coming up at Loma Linda, Thanks
  9. Hello Guys, those who have already interviewed at Loma Linda, Where did you guys stay? Is there any places closer to school to live since I will be traveling for the interview from out of state?
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