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  1. From what I heard they are giving interviews until January 2022. Unsure if they have filled those slots yet.
  2. They sent out an email a few weeks ago saying to contact them directly so they can send you a link to a google form to give them updates on things like PCE. They won't pullany updates from CASPA Directly.
  3. Nothing yet. Given that it is the first year they are doing early admissions, they could just be running behind. Or interviews were already sent out and the people who received them aren't on this forum lol I guess we will find out
  4. For those that got accepted, Pablo and Maryn have created a facebook page for the class of 2024, which also includes alumni you can ask questions to >>> https://www.facebook.com/groups/rfupa2024/
  5. Same here! Got the acceptance this morning and felt a huge weight lift off my chest. So excited to begin
  6. I have not heard anything yet. However, according to the application confirmation email, "At this time, we are in the process of reviewing applications and will be contacting those selected for interviews in October." So it seems like we should hear something within the next 3 weeks of October left.
  7. They are completing interviews once a month till January. Last I saw on this forum, appicants were noting that all slots were filled and only December was available. If you apply now you may be able to get an interview for late December or January.
  8. After submitting the supplemental application and sending official transcripts to them directly, I received an email stating: "Your application is now in review with your program. For questions concerning program requirements or a decision timeline, please contact the program to which you applied."
  9. Just got an application received verification email today from U of D. In the email it states: "Please note that we do not have a rolling admissions. All applications are reviewed before interviews are extended."
  10. I simply emailed cphsinfo@wayne.edu with cc to PAadmit@wayne.edu saying that I would like a waiver to look at last 60 credits because I did not do well during the first 2 years of undergrad. I wrote a short paragraph. Days later, I received a reply from PAadmit stating they would use my last 60 credits when looking at GPA.
  11. Just got an interview invite earlier today! 5/24 - application verified and confirmed. 6/21 - Received email stating my application was being held for further review 6/29 - Received Interview Invite cGPA - 2.85 (Undergrad) sGPA - 2.97 (Undergrad) Last 60 credits cGPA (including 30 creds postbac) - 3.8, sGPA 3.9 approx. 3000 PCE hours including working as medical assistant in Primary Care and Cardiology. Also worked as a scribe for about 1000 hours. 4 letter of rec, 2 from PAs, 1 from MD, 1 from professor no official shadowing, but worked directly under the supervision of PAs for about 2000 hours. Hope this information helps or gives some hope!
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