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  1. Hey there, reaching out to see if anyone either currently a student or recently accepted to the program (online or in class) will be using the GI Bill? Like most government things it is about as clear as mud. I know the cap for private schools is now about 24k, but I am am curious if anyone has experience as to how the terms are paid out because from what I have heard there is some strategy behind this. Thanks in advance!
  2. Take a look at the end of the thread from the previous year you initially looked at. Looks like people were receiving acceptances during the week of May 14th....Let the psych games begin!
  3. Oh no, that is the worst! Agreed...I think it is ideal for many! Hopefully some good news soon!
  4. I would be surprised if the didn't specify not discussing it...Why did you not attend? Are you solely using this school as a nice to have or back up plan?
  5. I did read that about how you can get an acceptance offer without an interview...if anyone has that happen that will be impressive and well earned! It’s just a ride from here on out. Fingers crossed!!
  6. Are you talking about interviews or acceptance emails? Are you going to take the CASPer test now? The availability of test dates could really play a factor into folks hearing back based on the deadline. Did admissions have anything else good to say?
  7. Awesome, great news! Sounds the interview invites are starting to flow out!
  8. The wait is killer! I wonder if it will just be one big flood gate of email and interviews right before June 15th!
  9. Anyone's application under review? Curious to find out the time between review and decisions being made!
  10. Nothing yet...Not sure if the admission's office has begun to review applications? HT123
  11. Submitting for early admission with one prereq to take that is scheduled for the summer. Their website has an average stats section of the previous students (middle average is shown), and looking at last years thread not too many speak to their stats (cGPA,sGPA, and hours etc...). Any reapplicants who wouldn't mind sharing any feedback they received from last years cycle? Thanks, HT123
  12. Following - - Would be curious about the Yellow Ribbon Program as well.
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