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  1. @johncfl Some programs recommend not to obtain BLS certification since it may expire prior to finishing the program. I am just trying to make my application as strong as possible.
  2. Is it a good idea to obtain BLS, CPR Certifications before applying?
  3. @minnesotaprepa I would apply to schools that you know you fit into and meet at least the minimum requirements. The average is around 7 schools and it varies. I think I will be applying to around 10 schools. I am also super nervous but we got this guys!
  4. @youngbreezy I have already requested my LORs so that they have enough time. I would not wait until April. I would email them to atleast give them a heads up and explain the process briefly. I will be sending them the links once CASPA opens so that they can upload it at their convenience. Hope your GRE went well
  5. Hello everyone, I will be applying to schools this cycle and I am beyond excited and nervous. I just wanted to create this group to share our progress so far and where we're at in terms of application timeline. Feel free to share your experiences, thoughts and any questions. Let's help eachother out! Goodluck everyone
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