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  1. Hey! Yes, some of us got acceptance letters sent, phone calls of acceptance, and emails of acceptance. I know one person on here got a rejection letter sent. I interviewed on Jan. 25 and heard about 5 weeks later. The program director had an emergency, therefore they couldnt make any decisions until he came back. Maybe try to email them about your status. PACE is really helpful and always there to email back for any questions. Hope this helps! The best of luck to you!
  2. Hello all! Congratulations to those who received interviews. To those called for interviews, when did you guys get verified? Anyone get an interview that was verified in September?
  3. Anyone hear anything about the Jan. 25 interview? I havent got any type of email from them.
  4. Really? in 2 weeks? oops! I don't know why this whole time I thought he said we would hear by today. I've been checking my email all day lol.
  5. me neither. they said we would hear by Friday (today) if we got accepted.
  6. Anyone get an email to choose their preference for either Manhattan or Bayshore campus? I'm interviewing for both but dont really have a preference, so im not sure what to choose.
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